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Technology will play a fundamental role in the future success of the home care sector. iCareHealth technology enables home care providers to better manage care staff, create efficiencies and deliver high quality, consumer led care.

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Home care - where are we now?

Home care providers are experiencing a changing market – one where older Australians are choosing to stay in their own homes for longer. According to the Department of Health, the number of people accessing aged care services is expected to reach 3.5 million by 2050, with about 80 per cent of those services to be delivered in the home. The Australian Government has also committed $73.7 million over four years to change the way home care services are delivered to older Australians in line with Consumer Directed Care (CDC).

Consumer Directed Care

CDC will provide older people with more choice, control and easier access to services. Home care providers therefore need to have flexible and resourceful systems in place to deliver services tailored to consumers’ requests and preferences.

Ageing population

Australia’s ageing population will bring a significant increase in the number of older people accessing home care services. This will put added pressure on providers to meet the needs of a progressively diverse population with contrasting complex care needs, preferences and individual circumstances.

Greater workforce

The aged care workforce faces its own challenges with a current shortage of trained aged care workers and registered nurses. The demand for aged care workers will continue to surge as the number of older Australians requiring personalised care and support increases.

Investing in effective technology can help home care providers to manage these challenges. iCareHealth believes in using technology to enrich the experience of home care – for both providers and their consumers.
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What's possible with our home care solution?

iCareHealth’s home care solution helps providers to improve productivity and efficiencies, reduce compliance risks and enhance the quality of care for consumers. iCareHealth is also the only aged care software provider to offer a single person, electronic health record that spans the continuum of aged care – from home care through to residential aged care.

How can iCareHealth’s home care solution benefit providers?

Staff management
Improve business intelligence by centralising all consumer and care worker information.

Rostering and timesheets
Maximise staff output and reduce timely administrative tasks with intuitive rosters and timesheets.

Calculate care workers’ travel routes easily with GPS technology to reduce annual mileage costs.

Location ID and monitoring
Optimise rosters by pinpointing the location of care workers with GPS navigation technology.

Visit information
Provide consumers and care workers with online access to essential visit information.

Online messaging
View and track online communication and interactions with care workers and consumers.

Consumer Directed Care
Allow consumers to easily view personal budgets and produce statements online.

Electronic signatures
Ensure consumer satisfaction with a mobile performance review tool at the point of care.

Lone work alarm
Ensure care workers’ safety with alerts and alarms that notify the organisation in an emergency.

Reduce duplicate data entry by calculating staff hours and earnings according to schedules.

Assessment forms
Create personalised assessment forms based on up to date consumer information.

Management Reporting
Monitor performance with instant organisation-wide visibility and simple reporting tools.

Success stories in home care

Find out firsthand how iCareHealth software is helping aged care providers across Australia by reading through our clients’ success stories.

Home Care Manager streamlines rostering process for CentacareCQ

With more than 2,500 clients throughout Central Queensland, CentacareCQ’s home care services require a high quality, configurable software solution to meet the needs of their growing organisation. We spoke to Corporate Services Manager, Robert Sims, to find out how iCareHealth’s Home Care Manager software has created significant cost and time savings for CentacareCQ.

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Co.As.It makes significant mileage cost savings with Home Care Manager software

Australian-Italian education and welfare organisation, Co.As.It, provides home care services to older people throughout New South Wales. We spoke to Team Leader of Community Care, Anita Bonanno, to find out how Co.As.It has used an electronic management system to generate efficiencies throughout their business and remain competitive with the introduction of Consumer Directed Care (CDC).

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