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Online Care and Staff is an online portal that integrates with Home Care Manager and provides information that is relevant to the individual consumer or care worker. Consumers and their families can access the online portal to send messages and manage visits and care services, while care workers can log in to check rosters, send messages, and update availability and consumer progress notes.

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Features of Online Care and Staff

Provide consumers and care workers with easy access to essential visit information

iCareHealth Online Care and Staff eliminates the challenges associated with paper-based business processes. With the flexibility of an online portal, care workers have the ability to easily track, review and update their scheduled consumer visits – all within the one electronic system.

With a modern, user-friendly interface, consumers and their families can easily access information associated with visits and care workers, providing them with extra insight into the level of care and services they are receiving.

Give consumers greater visibility over their personal budget

With a move to Consumer Directed Care (CDC), home care providers need to invest in systems that provide consumers with increased control over the care services they receive.

The self-directed budget feature provides consumers with a way to easily view personal budgets and account statements, in order to help make decisions in the planning of care services. This information is completely secure and available in real time, for consumers and their families.


Simplify management of consumer needs and requests

iCareHealth Online Care and Staff provides a simplified way to manage the evolving needs and requests of individual consumers. Consumers and their families can easily and quickly request new visits from care workers or cancel scheduled visits via the online portal. For home care providers, this process eliminates some of the administrative tasks associated with scheduling visits.

Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks with electronic messaging

The messaging feature within iCareHealth Online Care and Staff unlocks a valuable, two-way communication channel between your organisation and consumers.

Each outgoing and incoming message within the online portal is automatically captured and reviewed for reporting purposes. The feature has been designed to help reduce labour intensive administrative tasks and phone calls.

Create clear audit trail around staff availability changes

Using the schedule access feature, care workers can access, review and request changes to their availability, eliminating the need for phone calls to be made to management and coordinators.

All amendments that are made to care workers’ availability through the portal become visible in a comprehensive audit trail, providing the organisation with a strategic overview for rostering purposes.

Automate care workers’ holiday and leave requests to save time

With iCareHealth Online Care and Staff, care workers can request holidays and other anticipated breaks conveniently online. Holiday requests can easily be accepted and declined using this feature, resulting in coordinators and managers spending less time on administration and paperwork.

Streamline internal communications by sending electronic messages to staff

Online Care and Staff’s messaging tool ensures that messages between care workers and the organisation can be sent and stored electronically, within a single location.

Messages can be scheduled, automated and sent to care workers’ individual accounts, and once the message is received, the care worker can directly respond within the same platform. These messages can be accessed and sent using the computer software or via a mobile device.

Ensure that the right care is delivered by centralising consumer information

iCareHealth Online Care and Staff provides care workers with a comprehensive overview of consumer visit information for any given day, with the flexibility to add in any changes that may occur. When staff enter information relating to a consumer visit, the data is automatically uploaded to the Online Care and Staff portal, along with an alert to the management and coordination teams.

With a transparent view of worker communication, providers can assess staff performance and identify improvement opportunities for care.

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