Medication Management

Medication Management can assist aged care providers to reduce operational risks and errors. This intuitive software lets staff administer and record medications with clearer communication between care staff, pharmacists and GPs; offering increased safety, efficiency and accountability.

See the software in action
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Features of Medication Management

Reduce the number of medication-related errors with electronic medication profiles

Medication Management creates a single electronic medication profile for each aged care resident, simplifying procedures and reducing potential communication breakdowns caused by handwritten charts.

Electronic medication profiles can also increase transparency across the organisation, providing a simple way to monitor medication rounds for compliance purposes.

Eliminate signature omissions with electronic medication management

Medication Management’s mobile application component, MedMobile, enables staff to administer medications to residents using a mobile device. At the start of a medication round, staff members are prompted to electronically sign on to the device and cannot proceed until this is done. To avoid confusion, only the medications to be administered during that round are displayed on the screen, along with photo identification of each resident and helpful directions.

The MedMobile app has an intuitive design, making it very easy for staff to use. With a modern layout and simple visual indicator of round status, the most important information is brought to the surface during a medication round.

Medication Management software also ensures that medications are not missed, as a reason must be captured to explain any non-administered medications. This process can assist in reducing medication errors and compliance risks.

Without the need for time consuming paper-based processes, providers can save an estimated average of 30 minutes per medication round, meaning staff have more time to spend caring for residents.

Streamline management of PRN medicines and avoid adverse resident outcomes

Medication Management enables aged care providers to more effectively coordinate, administer and track ‘as required’ PRN medications.

When a PRN is administered to a resident, the system automatically creates a progress note with a yellow highlight, along with an explanation of why it was administered. Staff are then alerted to the PRN during handover to ensure its effectiveness has been evaluated.

Clear and transparent communication with pharmacy

iCareHealth Medication Management software promotes a clear and transparent flow of communication relating to residents’ medication requirements. Medication Management’s built-in pharmacy messaging module enables aged care providers to send and track messages to pharmacies online and reorder non-prescription medications.

To assist with accuracy and ease of medication reporting and reviews, Medication Management records a comprehensive audit trail of all communications including prescriptions, notes and other records that may contribute to adverse events.

Flexibility to change pharmacy and DAA at any time

Medication Management supports multiple Dose Administration Aids (DAA), giving aged care facilities the freedom to work with the pharmacies they know and trust, plus the option to change without difficulty.

Instantly create reports to communicate key information during hospital transfers

Medication Management enables staff to quickly create a Hospital Transfer Report to accompany a resident whenever they are admitted to hospital.

This report contains an up-to-date medication profile, an itemised list of medications administered in the previous 48 hours, as well as a summary of key clinical and handover information.

This gives aged care providers improved assurance that information supplied during such events is complete and accurate.

Gain greater transparency and improve processes with easy to use medication reporting tools

To enable accurate reporting at the click of a button, Medication Management records a comprehensive audit trail of all communications between pharmacy and the facility, including medication orders and notes.

Medication audits and reports can be created in seconds, based on the latest data from across the organisation.

Medication tracking reports can be generated to help identify medication errors, missed medications and administered PRN medications. The software also allows providers to track staff members accessing and administering resident medication, which helps protect the health and safety of residents while ensuring accountability across the organisation.

Medication Management’s mobile application component, MedMobile, contains a resident photo feature to help staff easily identify each resident during a medication round. This feature saves staff valuable time, and helps ensure new employees and agency workers can easily identify each resident.

What clients say about Medication Management


San Carlo Homes for the Aged, Victoria – “…by using an electronic medication management system, we have been able to reduce medication errors and eliminate missed signatures. In fact, our last two audits revealed zero facility-related medication incidents.”Sandra Richardson, Quality Manager

Scalabrini Village, New South Wales“Once we had implemented Medication Management software, we were able to solve the issue of non-signage.” – Tershia Bunsee, Clinical Information Systems Manager

Star Gardens, Queensland “When the accreditation agency suggests you apply for a Better Practice Award for medication management, it is a true testament to what you can achieve with iCareHealth’s software. iCareHealth has been an important part of our strategy to improve workflow efficiencies, manage risk and achieve organisational growth. Their assistance in helping to create a culture around innovation and passion for new technologies has greatly improved staff satisfaction. The robust software solution has decreased our organisational risk, especially for medication management, by improving the contingencies for ensuring resident safety. When you add to that GP information from Medical Director, we are well placed to make informed decisions for our residents’ health care needs.” – Nigel Faull, CEO


FAQs about Medication Management