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Home Care Manager can assist home care providers to save valuable time, create efficiencies and improve compliance by eliminating paper-based administrative tasks. The software helps to simplify staff management, invoicing, payroll, assessments and reporting.

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Features of Home Care Manager

Intelligent rostering that can save time and improve productivity

iCareHealth Home Care Manager software provides a comprehensive overview of consumers’ care needs and personal details for improved resource allocation and rostering. Home Care Manager automatically considers factors such as consumer requirements and preferences, staff availability and location, continuity of care, and qualifications to determine the most suitable care worker for the consumer and the business.

Electronic rosters have been designed specifically for home care coordinators, and can help save time by streamlining administrative processes. Coordinators can easily reschedule visits when covering for short notice changes from care staff or consumers.

Simplify finance management, invoicing and CDC budgeting

Features within Home Care Manager are integrated to help providers save time and money. Rostering and scheduling information is used to automatically calculate care workers’ hours and earnings. Automated calculations can be set to reflect care workers’ timesheets, the number of shifts worked, the total number of consumer visits, or individual employee agreements – eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. Simplified billing and invoice generation are also standard features of Home Care Manager, and can be integrated with most accounting systems.

The rostering and scheduling information in Home Care Manager is used to automatically produce and manage Consumer Directed Care (CDC) statements and consumer invoices, record hours for funding body reports, and produce care workers’ hours and earnings.

Quickly and accurately calculate travel routes to reduce annual mileage costs

Google Maps is incorporated into Home Care Manager so that coordinators can more accurately calculate the distance between consumer visits; reducing the risk of overpaying mileage.

Travel distances are automatically and accurately calculated, meaning coordinators no longer have to spend time analysing individual mileage information. Mileage costs and distances can also be calculated based on each visit, a specific care worker or group of workers, and by any given time period. This feature provides coordinators with the ability to create efficient rosters that consider both time and distance for every visit, which further improves roster efficiency.

Alerts ensure employees never work unregistered, unlicensed or unqualified

Home Care Manager can store all care worker and consumer information – such as personal details, historical files, documentation and compliance items – within a secure system.

As compliance is critical, coordinators are automatically alerted to the expiry dates of each care worker’s licensing, skills, qualifications, and certifications.

In the event that a care worker’s compulsory credentials expire, restrictions to their availability are immediately applied, protecting both the consumer and the organisation. Furthermore, Home Care Manager creates automatic reminders for consumer care plans and assessment reviews, and will escalate ‘at risk’ items to help providers ensure deadlines are never missed.

Streamline assessment form processes and improve operational efficiencies

Home Care Manager features an assessment editor, designed to streamline current processes and eliminate the duplicate documentation associated with assessment forms and reports. Home care providers can also create customised, electronic assessment forms relevant to their organisation.

The software will capture and record any updates or modifications that are made to assessment forms, along with the details of the staff member involved.

Easy to use management and reporting tools to further improve service and care outcomes

iCareHealth Home Care Manager software offers a full scope of reporting tools that allow providers to monitor organisational performance at all levels. The software securely records and stores real time data associated with consumers and care workers, providing an audit trail of actions taken.

Reporting features enable providers to produce in depth financial, performance, management, industry and government reports.

What clients say about Home Care Manager

Co.As.It, New South Wales – “…once we realised how much money Co.As.It would save on mileage costs in the first year alone, we knew Home Care Manager was essential for our business” – Anita Bonanno, Team Leader of Community Care

Dolleina Health Care Services, New South Wales“As an organisation, we were most impressed with the simplification of processes associated with care delivery. Sound operating principles built in to the software allow coordinators to focus on service delivery, while administration focus on payroll, invoicing and reporting obligations without duplication of resources.

After the implementation of iCareHealth’s software, we immediately eliminated a number of routine errors that had arisen in past operating systems. Our service coordinators now have a powerful tool at their disposal to plan and deliver services at the time and place the care recipient requires.

With iCareHealth Home Care Manager, our organisation is now experiencing efficiencies across the board – from greater ability to meet care recipient needs, to providing flexible working arrangements based upon staff requests, as well as efficient processing of payroll and invoicing. The software has helped us jump many hurdles in an ever-changing service delivery environment.” – Alexander Tickle, Commercial Manager

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