Twilight Aged Care drives efficiencies with iCareHealth Clinical, Care and Medication Management

| 02 Apr 2013

We really lacked a centralised system whereby we could effectively manage all resident and client data, as well as, our financial data, including subsidies provided by the government. We needed something that could operate effortlessly across all four hostels.

Twilight Aged Care is a not-for-profit company, established in 1915. The company offers low care and moderate high care accommodation for seniors at four hostels in the northern Sydney region including: Glengarry in Mosman; Horton House in Gordon; Jamieson House in Beecroft; and, Onslow House in Mosman.

With 140 residents, Twilight Aged Care’s primary aim is to provide homes to men and women who need care and to offer support to their families. It is committed to providing the highest quality holistic care and services for residents to allow them to maintain independence, individuality, dignity and quality of life in a safe and supportive home-like environment.

The Challenge

Twilight Aged Care previously used a financial solution provided by MYOB and a separate access database for resident information; however, the two systems could not be integrated. Twilight Aged Care also realised it did not have an effective and robust means of reconciling fees and subsidies paid by the government, which is an imperative part of its business.

Twilight Aged Care required a resident management solution designed specifically for aged care providers. The solution would need the capability to manage critical resident data from initial enquiry to entry into care, as well as, key financial information.

John Stuart, CEO of Twilight Aged Care further explained the organisation’s requirements.

“We really lacked a centralised system whereby we could effectively manage all resident and client data, as well as, our financial data, including subsidies provided by the government,” said John. “We needed something that could operate effortlessly across all four hostels.”

The Solution

Subsequently, Twilight Aged Care made the decision to introduce iCareHealth’s Clinical, Care and Medication Management software, along with the Epicor Senior Living Solution (Epicor SLS). Having used Epicor SLS previously with such success, Twilight Aged Care recognised the inherent value that IT systems could offer the company by means of driving greater efficiencies through automation and by reducing the margin of human error through manual, paper-based data management systems. It was with little trepidation that Twilight Aged Care made the decision to introduce a clinical and care management solution.

“When internal systems are not integrated, data entry can not only be laborious and time-consuming, there is also a much greater margin for human error,” explained John. “By introducing highly flexible and easily configurable best of breed resident and care management solutions we were sure we could deliver business value, corporate governance and more importantly, quality improvement for our residents.”

Managing concurrent systems 
Together, Epicor SLS and the iCareHealth’s Clinical, Care and Medication Management software play a critical role in the successful operation of Twilight Aged Care’s business. Operated concurrently, both systems act as the lifeblood of the organisation and ensure residents receive the highest level of care.

“Integration was a huge consideration for us when selecting a clinical and care management system,” said John. “The solution we selected would need to work concurrently with existing IT systems we had in place.”

“As industry leaders in their respective fields, both Epicor and iCareHealth have created a competitive advantage through the ease of integration they have built into their solutions. In fact, Epicor and iCareHealth are so user-friendly that we use them seamlessly across all our facilities. We can even access critical resident data and care information remotely,” he said.

“We manage all new leads and resident admissions through Epicor SLS. Once a resident has been admitted to a facility, we create an ‘episode of care’ using Epicor SLS, which automatically creates an incidence or entry into iCareHealth. The two solutions work seamlessly together.”

The Results

Twilight Aged Care has enjoyed innumerable benefits since implementing both Epicor SLS and iCareHealth’s Clinical, Care and Medication Management software.

Twilight Aged Care has consolidated information across the organisation and eliminated the double entry of data, giving the business much greater confidence in the integrity of information. It now has one central repository where all information is stored and can be easily accessed.

Twilight Aged Care has also garnered significant benefits in the area of documentation management. With the help of iCareHealth, the organisation has created a series of administrative tools to manage and control resident care, driving greater efficiencies through the business and freeing up additional resource to dedicate to resident care.

“We have improved the quality of documentation required for accreditation. This is highly important in our industry,” said Stuart. Twilight has also created a series of internal processes leveraging the iCareHealth software to improve the standard of care provided to residents.

“As part of the quality care we offer at Twilight, we have tailored and adapted best practice guidelines using iCareHealth’s clinical documentation software to assist in identifying and managing residents at risk of falls, for example. The tool has improved our visibility of resident needs immensely,” said John.

iCareHealth’s fully integrated medication management software also lowers the risk of medication errors and completes the most comprehensive view of an aged care resident’s healthcare needs.

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