Resident Manager: Simplifying Medicare claiming and resident administration

| 26 Oct 2017
Resident Manager

Resident administration and funding management are necessary requirements for every residential aged care provider. Unfortunately, these tasks can be time consuming, administration heavy, require double handling between multiple systems, and take valuable resources away from core caring responsibilities.

As the demand for aged care services grow and government funding continues to tighten, it is essential providers have the right tools in place to help them predict and coordinate funding and oversee resident management in a simple and efficient manner.

That’s why Telstra Health – Aged, Disability & Community Care (ADCC) created Resident Manager software, which has been designed to help residential aged care providers manage resident administration and Medicare claiming.

Lead management made easy

Resident Manager captures data at the first point of contact with a prospective resident or family member. With a Medicare integration, retrieving and storing the prospective resident’s Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) through Resident Manager will prepopulate key details to complete their lead or resident record. This functionality ensures the data captured is consistent with Medicare, which helps to reduce the number of rejected events. The quick capture of information has been designed to ensure minimal data entry and enable staff to assess whether the facility is the right fit to meet the individual’s needs. A connection to the new National Screening and Assessment Form (NSAF) will also be developed once the government form has been made electronic.

Managing waiting lists is made easy with Resident Manager as all enquiries are captured within the system for lead management purposes. Should an enquiry progress, staff can easily view and manage the accommodation fee, supplement funding rate, as well as general fees and charges for that prospective resident.

Ensure data consistency and minimise rejections with Medicare integration

Providers can manage Medicare B2B events via Resident Manager, including admissions, departures, leave and Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) submissions.  They can also finalise their monthly claims and review the payment statement once it is issued by Medicare.

This integration with Medicare helps to ensure a consistency of data and a streamlined management of events sent and received. The real-time integration has been designed to reduce the likelihood of rejections, minimise the amount of data entry required, and ensure funding is up to date.

Streamline admission and bed management

Once a resident is ready to enter the facility, admission is as easy as clicking a button. This process will automatically send the admission event to Medicare, and enable the staff member to assign a room based on availability, care needs and preferences.

Maintain funding with simple resident leave management

When a resident goes on planned or unexpected leave, the facility can enter the leave and expected return date into Resident Manager, which will submit the leave to Medicare. The software will then display the on-leave residents in the Facility Dashboard, including how many days left until their expected return, and highlighting any overdue unreturned residents in red. This feature highlights when a resident has returned from leave but has yet to be returned within the system. Resident Manager has been designed to maintain funding and reduce the number of corrections required from Medicare.

Enhance your business with Resident Manager

The Facility Dashboard also contains key data, such as occupancy rates, supported resident figures and respite days to ensure facility information is always up-to-date and on hand. Management tools such as room, organisation and facility management have also been included, as has a timeline to display a resident’s key events – from first enquiry to status changes and eventual departure.

Aged care providers who utilise Telstra Health – ADCC’s Clinical and Care Management software will benefit further from Resident Manager, as admitted residents will have a record automatically created with our clinical software for reduced data entry. A billing management module – including sundry items, bill calculation and invoice generation – is in development and will be available in the coming months.

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