iCareHealth partners with Microsoft Azure to bring cloud to aged care

| 05 Nov 2014
Microsoft Azure launch

iCareHealth is proud to announce a partnership with Microsoft Azure Geo, which was officially launched in Australia on Monday 27th October, 2014. iCareHealth has joined a select group of Australian businesses who have partnered with Microsoft Azure to drive innovation and deliver better outcomes for their clients.

By utilising a world class cloud ecosystem, iCareHealth can deliver a secure, efficient and easy-to-use software solution to aged care providers; without the costs and resources associated with internal hosting. This is increasingly important for the sustainability of the sector, as clinical governance and financial sustainability are key priorities for aged care providers across Australia.

At the official launch at TechEd in Sydney, iCareHealth Chief Technical Officer, Craige Pendleton-Browne, joined a panel discussion to explain how providing a cloud offering will benefit clients. Craige told the packed auditorium that by utilising Microsoft Azure, iCareHealth can assure clients that their data will be hosted onshore, with impeccable security from a trusted brand. Craige stated that offering a cloud-based solution to clients will also result in a lower total cost of ownership, with the ability to perform software updates without the financial and time constraints of a full upgrade implementation.

The Microsoft Azure platform offers a wealth of cloud services including infrastructure services, data management, web applications, development and virtual machine testing, storage, backup, and recovery services. The new Azure Geo includes geographically redundant regions in New South Wales and Victoria, and will help iCareHealth to lower latency rates while addressing data sovereignty considerations.

Speaking at the launch, Microsoft Australia Managing Director, Pip Marlow, explained that various factors were driving customer adoption of Microsoft Azure, led by a passion to deliver innovative solutions to fuel growth, drive efficiencies and help people do more and achieve more.

“With the cloud, the barriers to innovation are not just being lowered, they’re being smashed away”.

“Customers tell me that Microsoft Azure frees them to focus on what they really want to do – enabling and adding value to the business, driving innovation and impact faster and being able to focus on their customers”.

Over the coming months, iCareHealth will begin discussing with clients about how this exciting development will benefit their business. For more information on how cloud computing will change the face of aged care, make sure to read the Cloud 101 series on the iCareHealth blog.

Want to learn more about our partnership with Azure? Click on the Amazing Stories section of the Sound of Azure website, then scroll to view the iCareHealth video. Thank you to Lynden Aged Care for graciously allowing their facility to be included in the film. 

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Sophia Bolden

Communications Manager

Sophia Bolden is the Communications Manager at Telstra Health - ADCC (formerly iCareHealth). With a background in the disability and aged care sector, she brings an understanding and passion for aged care. Sophia recognises the importance of social media and online communication in relating technology and aged care news in the most effective way possible.


  1. John

    More a question than a comment! If I was to have my ‘own’ hosted solution for my business in the cloud via azure, would I still reap the benefits of lower cost and upgrades, or is it ONLY via icarehelath’s offering?

    • Sophia Bolden

      Hi John, Thank you for your interesting question. If you’re referring to whether you would benefit from hosting iCareHealth’s software in Azure, one benefit would be that you would not require physical infrastructure, which would reduce your onsite costs. However, if you chose to manage the hosting of our software in Azure yourself, you would still need to look after the machines in Azure by patching them, doing backups and monitoring. The benefit of our hosted solution is that we do all that work for you.

      The benefits for moving other applications to Azure would depend on how those applications work. One beneficial situation would be if you had an application that requires a lot of hardware for short periods of time due to big spikes in load on the odd occasion. In this scenario, running the application in the cloud means you would only need to switch on additional machines when you require the extra capacity, and could leave them turned off for the rest of the time. While this option would reduce costs, you do need to be aware that not all applications would be able to support this.
      We hope we could be of help, and thanks again for your great question.


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