Cloud, consumer choice and eHealth on the cards for providers

| 12 Nov 2015
User Group Meeting Melbourne 2015

The iCareHealth team recently completed a series of residential User Group Meetings with clients across Australia. These meetings provided attendees with the opportunity to learn about new software functionality, deliver feedback, and network with fellow aged care providers.

In an effort to meet the needs of some of our more regional clients, this year Newcastle was added to the list of User Group Meeting locations: joining Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. In addition to our residential User Group Meetings, 2015 saw the addition of two home care specific meetings, with a look to expand these across the country in the future as our home care client base continues to grow.

The changing market

Starting the residential User Group Meetings with a look at the aged care sector as a whole, Principal, Clients & Growth, Michael Donnelly, highlighted the recent growth in provider consolidation and market competition. In addition, Michael explained that Consumer Directed Care (CDC) has begun to impact the residential aged care sector, with an increasing push towards consumer choice. As a result, providers are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition with the use of innovative technologies and marketing approaches. Many clients discussed their efforts towards providing consumer choice, such as offering breakfast during a four hour window to allow residents to choose a time that suits them. Attendees at the meetings explained that all of these changes are having a significant impact on staffing and care models.

Technology trends and insights

Throughout the meetings, the topic turned to the global technology trends that are defining the way innovative businesses operate; namely social, mobile, cloud and information. In partnering with Microsoft Azure, iCareHealth now offers a cloud hosted software option for aged care providers looking to reduce the costs and resources associated with traditional servers and hardware. iCareHealth recognises the importance of these trends to ensure aged care providers have technology that enhances their delivery of care and creates efficiencies across their business.

Michael also spoke to the attendees about our journey towards a connected eHealth system, and clients were interested to learn about our collaboration with Telstra Health. While the iCareHealth team and focus on client needs has not changed, attendees at the User Group Meetings were pleased to learn about the new strengths the Telstra Health acquisition has brought to the organisation. This includes frequent software releases, new innovative functionality, and the resources to ensure iCareHealth will remain a dedicated partner for our clients in the long term.

New software functionality and enhancements

One of the highlights of the residential User Group Meetings was the product demonstrations for the Clinical, Care and Medication Management software solution.  Client Manager, Candice Rice, ran through key product enhancements of the newest release, version 4. This included a look at the simpler navigation, cleaner look and feel, and new functionality within the tasks, alerts and management reporting areas. With the release of version 5 fast approaching, Candice previewed the latest enhancements, including advanced access and security controls, role management, and care plan functionality.

Clients were also given a preview of some of the features that will be included in both version 6 and 7 of Clinical, Care and Medication Management, as iCareHealth looks to the future needs of aged care providers. Throughout the meetings, clients spoke about their excitement around the product direction and additional functionality. This was particularly the case when looking at the design and layout update, which will reduce the need for staff training and help bring key information to the surface.

Feedback and collaboration

Feedback is an essential component of iCareHealth’s User Group Meetings, and helps to ensure our software is fit for purpose. In order to gather direct feedback, the meetings contained a breakout session where clients were asked questions about their use of the software and their future requirements. This feedback will link directly to our version 6 and 7 release planning, and will help to prioritise new functionality and enhancements. Our User Group Meetings are essential to ensure we understand the ongoing needs and priorities of aged care providers, and helps iCareHealth keep clients at the centre of everything we do.

Interested to learn about our home care User Group Meetings? Read our wrap-up here.

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Sophia Bolden

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