Pioneers in aged care software

We believe that every elderly person is entitled to receive safe, high quality aged care services, delivered in compassionate and considerate ways. For this reason, we recognise the services provided by the aged care sector are irreplaceable, and the people who provide that care deserve support, recognition and above all, our deepest gratitude.

The challenge for nursing and care staff is that the aged care sector has become progressively complex over the years. While the basic needs of those people being cared for remains unchanged, there is now new multifaceted health conditions and medications entering the market, while the expectations and demands that emanate from the community are increasing. As a result, aged care providers are under increasing pressure to continue offering the highest level of care.

More than a decade ago, the founders of iCareHealth realised there was an opportunity to help with the uptake of technology in the aged care sector, to help care providers and staff enhance the care they deliver to older Australians. For over ten years, iCareHealth has committed to developing software that enables nursing and care staff to deliver superior care, while helping to alleviate the burden of evolving market challenges.

iCareHealth has grown to become the only aged care software provider to offer a single person electronic health record that accommodates the entire continuum of aged care – from community care to residential aged care. Our complete software solutions are now trusted by over one hundred aged care organisations across Australia to improve organisational efficiency, staff productivity and the level of care.

In Australia alone, iCareHealth’s residential aged care client base exceeds 50,000 licensed beds for our Clinical and Care Management software and 30,000 licensed beds for our Medication Management software, which makes iCareHealth the most trusted aged care software provider.

With our leading position in the market, we are able to continue to focus on what we do best. That is, invest in technology innovation that will support the continuously evolving aged care sector. After all, no other company believes in using technology to enrich the experience of community and residential aged care, more than iCareHealth.

Our History

iCareHealth was founded in 2002 and more than ten years on, we are the leader in providing clinical and management solutions to care providers across Australia. Take a look at the highlights of our journey below.

1996: Extensive research was conducted by Dr Bill Koch, Senior Lecturer in Gerontics at La Trobe University, followed by the development of a multi-discipline care planning algorithm.

2002: iCareHealth was officially founded in Melbourne, based on opportunities uncovered by Dr Koch’s five years of research. Product research and development followed, resulting in the creation of an expert IT system that supported an evidence-based approach to clinical and care documentation in aged care. Our flagship software, Clinical and Care Management, was also created.

2006: iCareHealth partnered with the software supplier, Epicor, to release a financial interface within our Clinical and Care Management software. During this year, iCareHealth was also featured in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 for the first time.

2007: iCareHealth opened a second office in the UK. iCareHealth’s growth was recognised as Australia’s second fastest growing software company and the seventh fastest growing company across all technology sectors in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50. The company experienced a phenomenal 1032 percent performance increase during 2007.

2008: iCareHealth acquired RxRight Medication Management software which integrated with our existing Clinical and Care Management software. iCareHealth became the only aged care software provider to be able to offer a single person, electronic health record that incorporated medication management by linking pharmacies and doctors.

2009: iCareHealth partnered with Health Communication Network to create an interface with Medical Director 3 that would allow GP information to populate within iCareHealth’s Clinical and Care Management software.

2012: iCareHealth acquired h.e.t. software in the UK, along with Community Care Management, Online Care and Staff, and Mobile Care Worker software. In a move that revolutionised the market, iCareHealth became the only aged care software provider to offer a single person, electronic health record that spans the continuum of aged care – from home care right through to residential aged care.

2013: The acquisition of h.e.t. software in the UK led to a complete global rebrand and relaunch as one organisation – iCareHealth – to ensure we continue to leveraging capabilities across the whole organisation and respective international markets.

2014: iCareHealth partnered with Microsoft Azure to enable the delivery of a secure and efficient cloud based software solution; without the costs and resources associated with internal hosting. Telstra Health acquired the Australian operation of iCareHealth, leading to a separation from the UK business. iCareHealth and Telstra Health aim to bring together an integrated electronic health model across the wider health care system, in order to create a clearer eHealth picture and lower clinical risk. With the same dedicated and trusted iCareHealth team, and the resources and stability of Australia’s largest telecommunications company, the aged care sector has the best of both worlds when partnering with iCareHealth.

2015: Growth was on the cards for iCareHealth in 2015, with the team expanding to over 60 employees. This growth was in line with Telstra Health’s commitment to continued investment in product development, with a total of four software version releases taking place across the home care and residential aged care solutions. iCareHealth’s expansion to cloud hosted software also gained strength, with the first of many clients transitioning to the Microsoft Azure hosted cloud at the beginning of the year.

Our Awards

iCareHealth is focused on delivering solutions that provide the highest quality experience. We are delighted that our software, our approach and our employees have all been recognised and rewarded with a number of highly acclaimed industry awards. Click here to view our awards.

Our Company Values

iCareHealth’s core values reflect a philosophy of creating an honest, consistent and transparent company that provides a quality experience for both clients and employees. Our guiding values are:

Integrity – Always be honest, consistent and transparent.
Client – Are at the centre of what we do.
Accountability – Take responsible action.
Respect – Embrace diversity.
Innovation – Find better ways.
Simplify – Make it easier.